Mitsubishi Cleansui AL700E – Máy lọc nước Nhật Bản - Điều hòa không khí

Mitsubishi Cleansui AL700E


Outstanding points

- 5 electrode plates

- Generates all 6 different types of water

- 5 year warranty

- Made in Japan

- 5 electrode plates

- Generates all 6 different types of water

- 5 year warranty

- Made in Japan

Product Specifications

Voltage220V-240V 50-60Hz
Power CapacityMax. approx. 250W (at standby: approx. 0.5W)
Allowable water pipe pressure0.07 - 0.75 Mpa
Allowable dynamic water pressure0.07 - 0.35 Mpa (Allowable minimum dynamic water pressure 0.07 Mpa)
Allowable water temperatureLess than 35oC
MaterialsABS resin, POM resin, platinum, titanium
ElectrolysisElectrolysis methodContinuous electrolyte
Electrolysis performanceAlkaline: 4 levels, Acid: 1 level
Continuous operating timeAlkaline 1, 2, 3... approximately 10 minutes
Strong Alkaline, acidic water.. approximately 5 minutes
Rated water flow rate2.5L/ minute (at water pressure 0.1 Mpa, 20oC)
Discharge rate UZC2000E(generated water flow rate)

Water outlet: approx. 2.0L/ min

Drain outlet: approx. 0.5L/ min (at water pressure 0.1 MPa, 20oC)

Water outlet: approx. 3.6L/ min

Drain outlet: approx. 0.9L/ min (at water pressure 0.3 MPa, 20oC)

Electrode cleaningAutomatic cleaning method
Dedicated faucetStyleWater source shutoff faucet equipped with flow rate adjustment function
Mounting hole diameter36mm - 40mm
Faucet control cable1.5m

Total height: 290mm

Water outlet height: 210mm

Drain outlet height: 64mm

Turning radius: 150mm

WeightApprox. 1.5kg
Main UnitDimensions (WxDxH)170 mm × 104 mm × 294 mm
Weight 3.5 kg (4.0 kg when the unit is filled with water)
Power cord1.2 m
CartridgeModelUZC2000E. Thời hạn sử dụng 12 tháng (20 Lít/ ngày)
Weight 0.8 kg (1.4 kg when the cartridge is filled with water)
DimensionsMax. diameter 105 mm x H 217 mm
StandardJIS S 3201/ ISO9001-14001

MODERN DESIGN: Highly aesthetic

HIGH-END PRODUCT: Using hollow-fiber membrane technology. Before going through the electrolyte, water is filtered and can be drink directly

6 DIFFERENT WATER USING MODES: Consumers can select any modes depending on their using purpose

GOOD FOR HEALTH: Held to improve digestive and gastric problems

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